One Rupee a Day  |  Sponsoring Future

“There is no one giant step that does it, it’s a lot of little steps”

While executing the education awareness drive; our team came across many genuine issues of the people that hindered the education of their children. The government school does provide free education, food, stationary etc, but there are few basic requirements that demands for money like transportation, school bag, tuitions, etc. We also came across a young boy leaving on roadside, studying in the light of a street bulb to complete his engineering.

These incidences craved need of fund in order to cater these requirements. Adopting the Pa.Pa concept of one rupee a day we launched our ‘Sponsor Future ’ piggy which asks just ONE rupee a day without burdening anyone with huge amounts. The piggy collection will be utilized in funding needy as and when required.

What we believe is our micro contribution when put together can be a ray of hope for someone.

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