Education Awareness Drive  |  Our small step towards education

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of mind to think...”

With this motto in mind, we initiated an education awareness drive to make uneducated people aware of the free education programs run by government. Ignorant people do not send their children to schools thinking of the expenses, but they do not know about the Government schools wherein they get all the benefits like schooling, uniform, lunch, books, study material, etc. completely without a single penny involved except the passion and determination to learn.

We visited slums, talked to people around, discussed problems faced and derived action plans. Our objective here to help people find information and appropriate school on one side and on the other side school find needy students. By approaching 100 people, we make 5 children stepping towards education! Because what we believe, something is better than nothing.

Finally we got 5 children admitted in the school. Wherein; Sachin got admitted to class 7 who left going to school owing to carelessness & ignorance. Abhishek & Aarti got admitted to class 6 & class 5 respectively; who left owing to distance problem. Siblings; Sumit & Pinky got admitted to class 2 who left going owing to the parent's ignorance.

It was a great pleasure and internal satisfaction to see the children so happy and excited after the admission. This 1st success of our drive has ignited a flair of running more and more to bring the difference. We would like to thank Sola Government school authorities without whose instant actions, admission would have postponed for the new session! The opening session of this year will have more students to be admitted who have never been to school and WE as a team will ensure to fulfill their dreams.

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