Secret Santa  |  A little try to bring happiness

“ Christmas is not so much about opening presents, as opening our hearts!”

Christmas is the time to make a wish with a hope that Santa will come and get it completed. This is an ordinary practice for all the blessed people like us since childhood. But there are many under-privilege children who have only dreamt of it.

We thought of converting this dream into reality by becoming a Santa for them. We got around 100 wishes collected from kids and stuck the consolidated list in our surrounding location with their names. We got an over whelming response of the sponsors to buy a gift from the list against the named kid. We collected all the gifts, got them gift wrapped nicely and presented to the kids on Christmas Eve. To the astonishment of kids, they had Santa Claus standing in front of them to present their wished gifts!

That day we all learnt a lesson that Happiness is the only thing which multiplies when shared. The brightness in the eyes and smiles on the face of kids cannot be put into words.

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