Beat Hunger  |  Bring pleasure to unfortunates

“If you can’t feed a hundred people then feed just one”

Hunger is No.1 cause of death in the world and 1/3rd of them live in India. 66 years of independence!! Feeling bad to say over 20 crore (200 millions) Indians sleep hungry every day.

With these known facts, we decided to Beat the Hunger. We prepared posters with Beat Hunger message and got it stuck in few of the restaurants. The only thing required is to make an extra order along with the existing order and pay an extra amount so as to sponsor food for one needy from that extra amount. Our team visits the respective restaurant, buy the food from collected extra amount and distributes to the hungry.

There is no big donation than to feed a hungry. The ultimate satisfaction on the face of a needy after having meal; makes us feel that now our purpose of human birth is served!

You can download the poster from below link
"Beat Hunger.jpg".

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