About Us  |  Who we are

Today, in this present scenario people think a lot about doing some good deeds for society, but the self ignorance refrains them to convert these thoughts practically. We are working onto implementing it in real life and contribute to society in some or the other manner.
We are a team of young professionals who started a campaign of change. It's simply spending some time for good cause and expecting nothing in return.

How the Journey Began???
While on the way to morning walk, one of our group member came across a sweeper kid. When he was questioned:"Do you go to school?"; to our surprise he replied:"Saab, Bhangi ko kaun padhaega...?" This incident created an urge for creation of a squad who can bring smiles on the faces. Thereby our group went beyond and started targeting all non highlighted voids wherein the services can be catered in a fruitful manner so as to bring an impact in someone’s life. The only motto here is to do deeds and inspire others to do the same to widen reach.

“Love the life you live, live the life you love."

Meet Our Squad Initiators

Smile Squadian Smile Squadian Smile Squadian Smile Squadian
Smile Squadian Smile Squadian Smile Squadian